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Lela Schlenker

Kitty Hawk Wind
Fisheries Liaison


At this time the information gathered by the meteorological buoy for the Kitty Hawk Wind project is complete and the buoy has been removed from the wind energy area. Please use the link below to receive future fisheries updates.

Fisheries FAQs can be found here

Commercial and recreational sportfishing are an integral part of the history, culture and economy of coastal Virginia and North Carolina. Maintaining the health of these industries and the natural resources that support them is critical to Kitty Hawk Wind.

Toward this end, the National Marine Fisheries Service and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management are working together to ensure that North Carolina and Virginia fishing and associated marine habitats are effectively understood and considered throughout the project’s regulatory process.

Avangrid will be working collaboratively with these agencies and the local fishing communities in North Carolina and Virginia throughout the site assessment, construction and operations phases of the project.

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