Why Offshore

Clean, Renewable Energy

Kitty Hawk Offshore will provide an abundant, reliable, low-carbon energy resource. The physical infrastructure for Kitty Hawk Offshore will provide valuable reef habitat, a benefit to the marine ecosystems.1 2

Wind power has the potential to provide 20 times more energy than current global demand. Kitty Hawk Offshore will be an important step towards realizing this clean energy future.3 4

Proximity to Population

Kitty Hawk Offshore will be located close to major east coast population centers and other mid-Atlantic cities. The project will serve the significant energy demands for these areas.

Kitty Hawk Offshore will help reduce the need for long distance energy transmission.


Efficiency of Power Generation

Offshore winds tend to be more consistent than those over land, and the ability to use larger turbines will enable Kitty Hawk Offshore to efficiently deliver reliable clean energy to our customers.

Avangrid Renewables is currently studying wind speed and direction, and other meteorological factors to optimize the design of Kitty Hawk Offshore.


Kitty Hawk Offshore will drive continued growth in clean energy jobs. In 2016, over 100,000 people were employed in the U.S. wind sector.

The offshore wind industry is expected to increase that significantly further. The American Wind Energy Association estimates that there could be 83,000 jobs in the U.S. offshore wind industry by 2030.5 6


Renewable Energy Whiteboard

Offshore Wind Energy is an important addition to our nation's energy portfolio. Learn more about Offshore Wind's history and how it works. You'll also learn about the steps BOEM takes to work with many stakeholders when planning offshore wind development.