August 11, 2014

BOEM Identifies Wind Energy Areas (WEAs)

BOEM Document

BOEM identifies 3 wind energy areas (WEAs) off the coast of North  Carolina, totaling approximately 307,590 acres.

The Kitty Hawk WEA begins about 24 nautical miles (nm) from shore and  extends approximately 25.7 nm in a general southeast direction at its widest  point. Its seaward extent ranges from 13.5 nm in the north to .6 nm in the  south. It contains approximately 21.5 OCS blocks (122,405 acres). The  Wilmington West WEA begins about 10 nm from shore and extends approximately  12.3 nm in an east-west direction at its widest point. It contains just over  9 OCS blocks (approximately 51,595 acres). The Wilmington East WEA begins  about 15 nm from Bald Head Island at its closest point and extends  approximately 18 nm in the southeast direction at its widest point. It  contains approximately 25 OCS blocks (133,590 acres).